A downloadable game for Windows

Gnidaol was made on Komiks Game Jam on 27th International Comic Festival in Lodz, Poland.

Controls (works perfectly for xbox pad):

Left analog stick - moving left/right in game, switch options in menu.

Right analog stick - rotating counter clockwise - unload level.

Button B - jump.

Button A - interact with switch / confirm option in menu.

Back/Start - Pause

Goal of Gnidaol is to unload the whole wide game world.

Unfortunately he is able to unload only one level at time and every level has it's AUTO-LOAD mechanism causing level to automaticly reload.

Therefore Gnidaol has to find the AUTO-LOAD switch of the level, turn it off and unload level completely.

Install instructions

Gamepad required. (Recomended xbox pad)

Keyboard support coming soon.


Gnidaol.zip 14 MB

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