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Hot Pot Rampage! is local competitive multiplayer game for 4 players. The goal for each player is to collect all of the ingredients required for their soup. Every player requires four randomly selected ingridients, and one special ingredient. Use left stick of your controller to move around, and A button to to pick up object/throw it away. You can stun other players by throwing other objects at them. You can even throw other players if they're stunned. The first player that completes his soup wins round, gains one point, and game restarts.

Hot Pot Rampage was previously know as Just Do Eat!.

Just Do Eat! was made by Insecure Shark Team during Slavic Game Jam 2015:

Bartłomiej "Ret" Sieczka, Piotr "Pietras" Bartosiak, Filip "Thorncore" Wróbel

Additional help: Katarzyna Lewińska.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

You can play with Xbox 360 controllers (recommended) and with keyboard.

Arrows - Moving Around

A - Pick Up/Throw

Release history:

Blue Rare (early alpha)

v.0.1 - 15.08.2015

  • Initial version with player selection options, and reworked visuals.

Just Do Eat! (Slavic Game Jam '15 build)


  • Final Jam version of the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SGJ BUILD: Make sure you connected your controllers before launching the game. On title screen, press space when all players are ready. If you press space again, you will return to title screen.


Hot Pot Rampage! v. Blue Rare 0.1 23 MB
Just Do Eat! - Slavic Game Jam '15 build 15 MB

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