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Another fruitful day was passing by, as always you gave it all and worked hard for the glory of your planet, but unfortunately you can't rest just yet. The enemy forces have arrived and the Mother Planet is calling you! Comrade! Take your grapple, launch your spaceship and fight!

Shoot down enemy, collect their weapon and grow your arsenal!

WSAD/ARROWS to manouver
LMB to shoot
RMB to launch grapple

Made by Insecure Shark for Ludum Dare 34

Bartłomiej Sieczka @ret44 & Piotr Bartosiak @piotrekpete
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Big thanks to Luke Spierewka for additional feedback and support.

UPDATE (18-12-2015)

We uploaded new post-jam version of the game.


  • Some optimalization tweaks.
  • Added online leaderboards.


Windows (Post-jam version) 23 MB
Windows 23 MB

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